Muskan Kapoor

For me, photography is more than just a way to recall. It’s an art form that helps to express myself, with the only limitations that I make. While clicking photographs in the photo studio, I make sure the audience has access to my space and the journey of the photograph. My choice of career was solely based on the passion I have for children and everything that revolves around them. Children grow up too quickly, and parents tend to skip the little things that their child does. I tend to catch all these candid moments of their child, so parents could have memories. Handling children isn’t easy, particularly when you’re a stranger to them. I’ve been taking photographs of children over the years and engaging with children of all ages. I tend to connect with them very easily and quickly.

We emphasize “creating memories that last forever,” our forte includes baby photoshoots, pregnancy, pre-birth, and child photography. Our clients are precious to us, and we are working so hard to give them the memories they deserve. Children are distinctive and so we are working to enhance their individuality. We’re including both indoor and outdoor photoshoot for good candid pictures.

As a professional photographer, I would like to showcase some of my hard work and dedication to capture photographs.


Children (especially infants) are very fragile and vulnerable. They can’t be captured by bright lighting in the photo studio, so we opt for sunlight and prefer not to use any external illumination.

We try to capture the candid moments of the children so that the parents don’t miss any moment of their growing child.

Equipment used in our Photo Studio includes a Nikon D850 camera and Profoto light modifiers. Our global equipment suppliers offer some of the best products for photography.